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This webpage was created to help people who collect Star Trek found item table and bar ware.

While there are photos and descriptions of the physical items on the Star Trek Auction Archive and there are screen caps in several places no one, to my knowledge, has documented the ORIGIN of those items or researched their current availability. There are bits and pieces on several websites and forums (listed on my links page) but nowhere is the information consolidated in one place.

I am trying to do that here, and found that it helps me manage my own collection as well.

This page is a work in progress and reflects the current state of my knowledge, which will always be incomplete. It is also purely MY OPINION, not fact, and should be treated as such. I have no connection to CBS Studios, Paramount Pictures, or the Star Trek franchise, I have not consulted anyone who worked in the prop department or handled any screen-used props other than the few glasses I own. My opinions are based solely on screen caps and my knowledge of tableware (which I have collected since I was 12). I welcome all corrections, additions, and discussions!

If you own any screen-used items which have identifying marks that we can use to track down found items, please share them!

Many of the images below are from the auctions run by It's A Wrap! Production Wardrobe Sales aka IAW.

CBS/Paramount Television used IAW to liquidate their vast collection of Star Trek props. The auctions started in December of 2006 and ended in April 2009. Most people thought these auctions were awesome because they made screen-used props available to everyone. For me these IAW auctions were phenomenal in that they provided descriptions, dimensions, and photos from different angles all of which can be used to track down (or recreate) the found item.

Fortunately, the auction data has been archived at Jason Stevens Many thanks to all those responsible for creating and maintaining this invaluable resource; and, many thanks to the people at IAW for doing such a thorough job with the listings.

Most of the screen caps on this page are from Memory-Alpha or Trek Core or . The rest were provided by the members of Star Trek Invisionzone and John Harrington of Cedar Street Studio .

NOTE: This website does not cover every piece of found-item table and bar ware used on the show, only those that I have some information on (or, wish I had information on). If I have not included an item that is dear to you, let me know and I'll see if I can find it. Rest assured that I will give you any information I uncover before I add it to this site, so that you may find your grail first.

(and on all the detail pages):
In the left-hand column will be a screen cap if I have one.
In the middle column will be an IAW picture or another screen cap.
In the right-hand column will be our version of the glass in question.
(if there is an "x" in a box, then I don't have an image for that spot)

If you would like to send me a comment or correction, please reference the three-digit number next to each entry so that I know exactly which item you are commenting on, and press here to send me an email (remove the spaces from the email address).

I do not have photos of most of our tableware yet because I put it away before I started this site
I will add them next year!

ALL series are represented here: TOS, TNG, DS9, VOY, ENT, and the movies.

To find all entries for a particular series,
use your browser's "find on this page" function
to search for the 3-digit series identifier.


DS9 Playing God – Klingon Racht

001. I think this bowl is the 11" tri-corner bowl #528 by Nambe.
* Although it really looks like the bowl in the screen shot has 4 corners, Nambe never made a bowl in that shape; which means, of course, that it might not be Nambe. I have not seen any other bowl that more closely resembled the screen shot in every other way.
* The Nambe bowl is available in several sizes, 6" (#526), 7.5" (#530), 9" (#527) and 11" (#528).
* We have the largest size as the smaller ones are pretty small.


TNG Parallels – triangular black plate

VOY Persistence of Vision – Seltin pβtι

* Screen-used ones are ceramic made for Macy's.
* PLASTIC Triangular black plates we used are available at Smarty Had a Party.


ENT Dr. Phlox sickbay set dressing – shakers
* I won this lot.
* We use them as salt and pepper shakers.


VOY – black bowls
* I have some of these screen-used bowls
* They are black plastic made by ???


VOY Persistence of Vision – coffee server

* This coffee server was made by Carlo Gianinni.


ENT (and possibly VOY too) – black dishes

* These serving dishes, used on Enterprise, were made by BIA Cordon Bleu.
* Per Kevin on the Invisionzone forum, the pattern name is "Ebony".
* It shows up occasionally on eBay and Amazon.
* Our screen-used long oval serving dish is 23" by 9"
* BIA Cordon Bleu are still in business (I had never heard of them) but I don't think they still make this pattern.


VOY Nonsequitur – fruit dish

* I think the base to this fruit dish might be Girotondo tray designed by Michael Graves for Alessi


VOY Future's End – dotted canister

* I think this is the Kalisto dotted canister made by Alessi.


VOY Faces – plomeek broth soup

* The 8-quart stock pot used for this Plomeek broth is part of the Tools line by Iittala, as is the serving spoon.
* Both are available at Finnish Gifts.


TNG A Matter of Honor – pipius claw and heart of targ

* I think this ribbed plate is the Aino Aalto pattern by Iittala available at Finnish Gifts.


TNG The Wounded – black octagonal plate

* I think this is the Octime or Novoctime pattern by Mikasa. Discontinued but available on eBay.
* PLASTIC octagonal plates we used are available at A Party Source


TNG – flatware

* This flatware is the Milennium pattern by Mikasa. Discontinued but available on eBay.
* I recently won a place setting that was still in the original boxes which was marked $35.99 and on sale for $19.99!
* In other words, the entire place setting sold for less than one fork sells for now….

* The Triad pattern by Gense, also discontinued and available on eBay, is exactly the same and much cheaper.


VOY – flatware

ENT – flatware

2001: A Space Odyssey

* This flatware was designed in 1960 by Arne Jacobsen for A. (Anton) Michelsen of Denmark. Discontinued but available on eBay.
* The pattern name is "AJ".
* This pattern was also used in the movie 2001: A Space Odyssey.
* There are two versions available, the original one made in Denmark in the 1960’s and a ‘revival’ Arne Jacobsen pattern made by Georg Jensen.
* Many pieces in the older set shown on the right (right and left handed soup spoons, butter spreaders, and all the small spoons) are not available in the new set.
* The new set is readily available in the US. In 2010 a 5-piece place setting was selling for $95.
* There is a complete 12 place setting set available for $3575 at Jensen Silver in NY


TOS – flatware

* Stainless, made in Japan (probably part of the Mikasa Studio Nova line which was introduced in the 1950's), with red tape or paint on the ends.
* The photo in the middle is another catalog page sent to me by John.
* The photo on the right is a similar pattern I found on eBay.


TOS The Man Trap - salt and pepper shakers

* Glass shakers with a stainless top, made in West Germany.
* Ours are 2.75 inches tall and 2 3/8 inches at their widest.
* MOMA sells a smaller version of these, designed by Wilhelm Wagenfeld in 1952.
* Called the Max and Moritz Salt and Pepper Shakers they are made in Germany.
* These are 2 inches by 2 inches and come with a stainless steel try for $35.


TOS The Corbomite Maneuver – coffee service
TOS The Naked Time
TOS Charlie X
TOS Court Martial
TOS Space Seed
TOS Metamorphosis
TOS Devil in the Dark

* Made by Gabis of Sweden.
* Designed by Nils Nisbel in the mid-1950s as part of their Jet 60 line.
* Stainless, 11.5 inches tall, and with a plastic wrapped handle
* This was available as a coffee service and as a martini pitcher (shown at right with muddler).
* NOTE: Only the coffee pitcher was used on screen, the martini pitcher never was.

* An INCREDIBLE story about this pitcher: In the summer of 2010 KC took his daughter on a road trip which included 2 days in Toronto, Canada. The day after they left, I was trolling the internet and found the martini pitcher in...of all places...Toronto. Now, I buy things and have them sent to me from all over the world, but THIS vendor refused to ship! It still blows my mind that for the first time in 20 years that KC has been in Toronto, one of my grails was at a store 10 minutes from his hotel, and would only be open the day he arrived. Although I didn't beg, he DID go and get it for me. I am truly the luckiest woman in the world!


TNG ??? – tea set

* Picard's tea set was made by Saenger Porcelain.


VOY Q-Less – tea set

* Janeway's French Art Deco tea set, silver plate with rosewood handles, is a contemporary take on the Tonnelet tea service created in 1925 by Christian Fjerdingstadt for Christofle for use on the ocean liner Normandie. The design was discontinued, and then resurrected as "1925".
* It is available today at Geary's and Artedona .
* I found ours on eBay.

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