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A NOTE ON OUR COLLECTION: Most of the bottles used on the show were clear glass filled with a colored liquid which was not necessarily palatable (Kool-Aid, Gatorade, and Karo syrup come to mind). Because we want our guests to enjoy their drinks, and because not much alcohol is available in the vibrant hues used on the show, we use brightly colors bottles to achieve the same colorful effect.

If you chose to follow our example, keep in mind that the colored versions of the bottles used on the show are FLASHED GLASS which is glass coated with a colored film. This film is DELICATE. It is easily scratched and will stick to your label so, if you remove the label without a long soak, you will ruin the bottle. For this reason, many of our Qantina bottles are not found items, they are interesting bottles made of colored glass where the coloring agent is IN the glass, not on it.

At the top of this page is a picture of some of our found item bottles.
(I do not have photos of many of the found items yet as they are displayed out of harm's way on a high shelf).
Pictured below are some of our Qantina bottles, with their labels:

Some of Our Bottles

Press here to see pictures from 2010.
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