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This is going to take some time because I have LOTS of notes and photos to process.
I would like to thank all the people who have contacted me over the years, sending me things you've identified.
As many as possible are included below, attributed to the first person who contacted me.
Therefore, this website has become a collaborative effort and I LOVE that!!

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It has come to my attention that some sellers (eBay, Etsy, etc.)
are using my descriptions to sell their wares, but they often do NOT have the EXACT thing we are looking for.
Only a few of the things shown here have any real value.

SELLERS: if you're going to sell something shown on this page, please list it as a "FOUND ITEM" not as a prop.
If you aren't sure whether what you have is truly a found item, please ask me.

This webpage was created to help people who collect Star Trek found item table and bar ware.

While there are photos and descriptions of the physical items on the Star Trek Auction Archive and there are screen caps in several places no one, to my knowledge, has documented the ORIGIN of those items or researched their current availability. There are bits and pieces on several websites and forums (listed on my links page) but nowhere is the information consolidated in one place.

I am trying to do that here, and found that it helps me manage my own collection as well.

This page is a work in progress and reflects the current state of my knowledge, which will always be incomplete. It is also purely MY OPINION, not fact, and should be treated as such. I have no connection to CBS Studios, Paramount Pictures, or the Star Trek franchise, I have not consulted anyone who worked in the prop department or handled any screen-used props other than the few glasses I own. My opinions are based solely on screen caps and my knowledge of tableware (which I have collected since I was 12). I welcome all corrections, additions, and discussions!

If you own any screen-used items which have identifying marks that we can use to track down found items, please share them!

Many of the images below are from the auctions run by It's A Wrap! Production Wardrobe Sales aka IAW.

CBS/Paramount Television used IAW to liquidate their vast collection of Star Trek props. The auctions started in December of 2006 and ended in April 2009. Most people thought these auctions were awesome because they made screen-used props available to everyone. For me these IAW auctions were phenomenal in that they provided descriptions, dimensions, and photos from different angles all of which can be used to track down (or recreate) the found item.

Fortunately, the auction data has been archived at Jason Stevens StarTrekPropCollector.com. Many thanks to all those responsible for creating and maintaining this invaluable resource; and, many thanks to the people at IAW for doing such a thorough job with the listings.

Most of the screen caps on this page are from Memory-Alpha or Trek Core or DITL.org . The rest were provided by the members of Star Trek Invisionzone and John Harrington of Cedar Street Studio .

NOTE: This website does not cover every piece of found-item table and bar ware used on the show, only those that I have some information on (or, wish I had information on). If I have not included an item that is dear to you, let me know and I'll see if I can find it. Rest assured that I will give you any information I uncover before I add it to this site, so that you may find your grail first.

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ALL series are represented here: TOS, TNG, DS9, VOY, ENT, and the movies.

I will be adding the new series as I collect information on them.

If YOU have information to share, please send it to me!

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DS9 Inter Arma Enem Silent Leges - Romulan Ale
* I am now pretty sure that these Romulan ale glasses, which I had always thought were square, are really the beveled edge glasses sold by IAW.
* They were described as 4" tall and 3" square with beveled edges and an "X" crossing from one corner of the weighted base to the other.
* At 4" tall they are probably a DOF (Double Old Fashioned) which generally hold between 12 and 16 ounces. (The OF size normally holds 6-10 ounces).
* Luigi Bormioli makes a square glass in a similar size called "Strauss" which is widely available and while it does not have the beveled edges it is an acceptable substitute. It is shown on the left below.
* We got ours at Crate and Barrel but they are widely available.

* I just found a glass with a beveled edge! It's made by Crystal d'Arques and the pattern name is Chambery. The DOF would be the right size.
* They have been discontinued but I found a set on eBay.
* They do not have the x on the bottom.


VOY Before and After
* I believe the ball on these glasses is clear, not red as it appears.
* Eno of Star-Trek.Design identified these as the Fluted Champagne PBY10 by Pottery Barn shown on the right. I belive he is correct.
* Eno's website features quite a few pieces of furniture and decorative items used on-screen. It's worth checking out!


DS9 Emissary - beach prop
* The concept drawing for this glass holder from the collection of Rick Sternbach (technical consultant and senior illustrator for TNG, DS9, VOY, STV, Nemesis) was auctioned by Propworx in August 2010 so I believe this was a custom made piece and not a found item.
* (Shown here with permission from Alec Peters, owner of Propworx.)
* The holder was 13" by 9" and was lined with bubble wrap!
* The glasses were plastic, 7.5 inches by 3 inches.
* I think you could make this out of wood and paint it.


* These were described as 4" tall by 3" across.
* Several manufacturers have offered glasses in this shape but the only one which is 4 inches tall is the Cristal d'Arques/Durand Octime clear DOF (double old fashioned). I do not know how wide it is.
* On the right is the Octime DOF.
* In the second row of images: Iittala Metro (discontinued 1990) DOF size is 4.75" tall, Timo Sarpaneva Kalinka (discontinued) are 3.4" tall by 2.8" wide, and the Libbey Rock Sharpe Facets OF (old fashioned) at 3.5" tall and 3" wide.
* The Libbey Facets DOF size is listed as 4" but I could not find any for sale (or a photo).


* These glasses look like the Galaxy pattern by Badash Crystal.
* They were described as 8.75" tall and 3.75" wide with a bulb of empty space in the base.
* Ours, purchased at Crate and Barrel, are 8.5" tall and 2.5" at the top.
* They have the small bubble/indentation in the thick base.


VOY - champagne glass
* I was lucky enough to win this lot!
* It is the Pyramid pattern by Crystal D'Arques, discontinued.
* They are the water glasses, 6.5" tall and 3.25" wide.
* The champagne flutes are ?? by ??.


TNG Times Arrow
* This glass was used to serve papalla juice, tzartak aperitif, and aldebaran whiskey
* Per Penny Juday, this was a votive holder from Pier One.
* Described by IAW as 4" by 3.25".
* This votive holder is currently sold by Princess House with a floral engraving on the side.
* That means it is still being made somewhere. I just have to find which wholesaler carries it.
* The one I have is the one Guinan used to mix the tzartak aperitif. Its measurements match the ones from IAW.
* CV thinks this might be a floating candle holder, similar to the Pyrex Un-Candle, but I have not seen one in this shape, yet.


ENT Cease Fire - juice glass
VOY One - dessert glass
VOY Counterpoint - dessert glass
VOY Pathfinder - dessert glass

* I was lucky enough to win this juice glass lot! The glasses are 5" tall, 3.4" wide at the top and 2.25" at the bottom.
* I think they are the Marius pattern by Iittala, discontinued in 2002.
* The Double Old Fashioned size is 5 inches tall.
* My photo is really bad! They look like the ones in the IAW photo.
* Eno of Star-Trek.Design tells me the dessert bowls from this pattern were used in VOY One, Counterpoint, and Pathfinder.


VOY Warlord - rekarri starburst
TNG Starship Mine
TNG Gambit Part 2 - Klingon bloodwine

* This Rekarri Starburst glass is another candle holder, designed to hold a floating taper.
* I have two of these which were screen-used and they have a sticker on the bottom from Pier One.
* According to IAW they were also used for Klingon bloodwine.
* They are 10.75" by 4".
* These were originally made to hold floating candles. The one pictured on the right was sold with a box.

* Rain M. sent me the screen caps in the second row from Starship Mine.
* If someone has a screen cap with the Klingon Bloodwine, please send it!
* And. . .Rain sent me the screen cap from TNG S7 E5 Gambit, Part 2 where the glass is used for Bloodwine! Thank you, Rain!!


VOY Alliances - Kazon
* These Kazon glasses were made by MacKenzie-Childs but the pattern was discontinued long ago.
* They told me the pattern name was "CIRCUS OCTAGONAL GLASSWARE" and that it was part of their regular line, not custom.
* There appear to be many designs within that pattern and I have not yet found out specifically which one this is.
* When it was available, the pitcher sold for $80 and the tall glasses for $42 each.
* It shows up on eBay occasionally described as "stripes and marble".


DS9 Quarks Bar Glasses
* Acording to this video by Penny Juday, the art department coordinator and archivist for Star Trek, these are plastic glass candleholders which were turned over and used as glasses. They came from Pier 1.
* The ones shown in the center below were 8 x 2.25 x 2.25 inches.
* IAW also auctioned a shorter "glass", 5 x 2.5 x 2.5 inches.
* I have been unable to find these, I now have three of these, in three different sizes, and they are really HEAVY GLASS.
* One of them is 6.5" tall, and appears to be the one shown with the Langour bottle.

* I will leave the Keos photo up for those who are unable to find the real thing.

* Cristal de Sevres used to make a pattern that looked just like these (since I don't like drinking from plastic) called Keos but it has been discontinued.
* Since the real one is rare as hen's teeth, this makes an acceptable substitute (for much more money!)
* The photo on the right in the second row is the Keos pattern.


VOY Future's End
TNG - In Theory
DS9 - He Who is Without Sin
VOY - Real Life

* I was amazed when I saw these glasses for sale on eBay and was lucky enough to win them.
* There were no identifying marks on them but I suspect they are Scandinavian based on the quality, design, and texture of the glass.
* I managed to get a second set of these - taller ones - and they were described as "Made in Mexico" although there was no label.
* If I recall, the seller told me he had purchased them in Mexico.
* If the taller size was used on-screen, please send me a screen cap!
* Eno of Star-Trek.Design found screen cap of the taller size in TNG In Theory, DS9 He Who is Without Sin, and Voy Real Life! The one from TNG is shown below.

* Rain M. found a listing on Worthpoint.com which described the glasses as, "Handmade in Spain, with finger indents and ice cube blockers. The pyramidal indentations prevent the cubes from hitting you in the face when you're drinking. "

* They are 3.75" tall and 3.25" wide with 3 pyramidal indentations on the upper side of the glass opposite the 3 ridges for the fingers.


ENT Proving Ground
* This glasses used by the Andorian Shran is the Ultima Thule pattern by Iittala.
* It is still in production and widely available.
* The glass used on-screen is the highball size, 5" by 3.25"
* They make many different sizes so make sure you get the highball glass!


DS9 What You Leave Behind
VOY ???
ENT ???

* These mugs were designed by Michael Graves for Alessi .
* They are 4" high and hold 12 oz. The expresso cups were also used on-screen.
* I see them occasionally on eBay.

* In the second row you can see that another piece from this line was used in Voyager - the teapot with a bird whistle . Of course, the removable whistle was not used.

* Eno of Star-Trek.Design sent me a screen cap showing that the pitcher from this line was used in Enterprise.
* Eno's website features quite a few pieces of furniture and decorative items used on-screen. It's worth checking out!


ENT - Silent Enemy
VOY - Void

* I think these glasses are the Sirrus pattern by Libbey but the measurements do not jibe with the ones IAW sold.
* Dr. Phlox's glass was described as 6.5" by 3.75" and another set was described as 7.5" x 3.5" but all the Libbey glasses I have seen are 7.25" by 3.25" so either the screen-used glasses were not made by Libbey or IAW's measurements are not accurate.
* At one time I saw a set of purple glasses just like these attributed to Pfaltzgraff.


DS9 Profit and Lace - Slug-o-Cola

DS9 Dr. Bashir I Presume -- ???
* I have not been able to find any information on these.
* They look like green glass to me, not clear, and the size and shape is that of a champagne flute.
* I finally found these on eBay described as Moongleam green flutes. No brand.
* The photo on the right is courtesy of Nilva, aka Francis.
* Mine are a medium green color, like the screen cap on left, and are shown underneath it.
* Another screen cap with the darker colorway, provided by Nilva, is shown next to it.

* We have a clear set that I used to think looked similar, until I saw them here right next to the on-screen one.
* Now I realize I need to keep looking for these!


TNG Rightful Heir - warnog
* These glasses are the Meteorite pattern by Peter Vizzusi of Magic Sand Blown Glass
* They are currently available in blue but I suspect he would custom make the screen-used color.


ENT Silent Enemy
* These look like the Stella pattern by Iittala.
* IAW auctioned two sizes. The ones that are 2.5" by 1.75" are the cordial size.
* The larger size, for which the height was not given, could be either the wine glass (4.5" high) or the rocks glass (4.25" high)

* Rain M. tells me that the Luigi Bormioli Regency Old Fashioned glass would serve as a decent substitute for the larger Iittala Stella.
* It has a slightly more angled bend in the bowl, and at 5 inches it's slightly taller.
* They aren't as pretty as the Stella, but are certainly a more affordable option.
* It doesn't come in the smaller size.


VOY Warlord
* I have some of these which were used on-screen..
* There are no identifying marks but they are very heavy and their unevenness means they were handmade, probably in Mexico..


* These were described as "clear plastic with a translucent blue base with 6 holes, 7" by 3.5".
* The ones we have are glass and ?? high by ??.


STVI TUC The Undiscovered Country - ???
* Romulan Ale glass - If you know what this pattern is, please let me know!
* It appears to have a frosted stem, a clear foot, and 4 pointed leaves at the base of the bowl.
* Finally! Tom H. identified these glasses!
* They are most definitely Megeve Taille by Crystal D'Arques.
* If you see/have any for sale, please let me know!
* The ice tea glass (8 1/8") is shown in the middle below, and the water glass (9") on the right. I believe those are the two sizes they used.

* In the middle, Erica Clear by American Cut is close, with frosted leaves at the base, but the shape of the bowl is off.
* On the right, Mikasa Fleurisse has the right shape bowl, a frosted stem and clear base, but no leaves.

* If you can't find Megeve Taille, I would use Fleurisse before Erica.


TOS The Conscience of the King - poisoned milk glass

* Jeffery D. sent me the information on this glass.
* It's a Jamestown tumbler (4.25 inch size, the shorter of the two sizes made) by Fostoria.
* The color is SMOKE


* Some of the many colored plastic glasses used in Quark's Bar.
* I lucked out and found a set on eBay.
* I have since purchased a large lot of these in all sizes.
* They're all packed up so I'm sharing a photo Nilva sent me, in the second row on the right.
* He's researched these glasses extensively and has an awesome collection!
* Aren't his photos wonderful?


VOY Warlord - gallia nectar
* Used to serve Gallia Nectar
* It looks like a clear glass with a round wafer stem
* But, it might have a cut bowl, a square stem, and be a light yellow color.
* I am pretty sure this is the Libbey Rock Sharpe Georgian sherry glass shown on the left.
* They also made a similar glass called Rock Sharpe Forever Amber.


DS9 Let He Who Is Without Sin
* These both look plastic to me.


VOY Revulsion


TNG - Picard's ready room glass
* Because of the rim on this, Picard's ready room glass, I think it was custom made using acrylic tubes.
* Hmmm. I just checked the IAW listing and it reads, "The item is a clear acrylic cylinder with two concentric rings of clear acrylic adhered near the base. The item measures approx. 3.5 X 3.25 inches diameter. "
* Iittala Kaleva DOF is very similar if you don't want to drink out of plastic.

For some reason, I had the next two commented out!


TOS Where No Man Has Gone Before
* I have had several people ask me about these cups, used throught TOS.
* I have not been able to locate them, but they look like plastic to me, like the cups you might find by a water cooler.

* Greg Schnitzer provided the information on this cup!
* In the two screen caps below in the middle and on the right you can clearly see the ridges under the lip indicating they're Styrofoam!
* They were made by StryoCup, which is now defunct.
* On the left in the second row is a screen shot of the bottom where the brand is visible.
* He says: If you get these already grey paper cups and add an automotive black pinstripe to them you get a pretty good facsimile for display or for parties.
* The photo on the right in the second row is the facsimile BHE created.


* These look like the whimsical sort of thing Alessi does but I have been unable to find them in the Alessi catalog.


VOY Persistence of Vision
* These espresso cups were made by Carlo Giannini.
* They are 2 X 2 inches diameter with a 1.5 inch profile handle and a 5 inch diameter saucer.
* I found the cups on eBay but not the saucers.


VOY Inside Man - chocolate passion punch
* I bought these from Bill Shatner's website and while I don't like them as glasses at all, they make wonderful flatware holders.


TOS A Taste of Armageddon - trova

TOS The Corbomite Maneuver - tranya

* I have been looking for these for a long time with no success!
* I believe the color is called "smoke" or "grey".
* The closest I've found are Plantation Smoke by Moncrief.


TOS The Ultimate Computer - Finaigle's folly
* This looks like a standard scotch whiskey glass except the stem is too long.
* The glass on the right is a Judel Vinter's II cordial glass, 4.25 inches tall.
* The stem on the Judel glass is too tall, but it's an acceptable substitute for me.

* Judel Glass is still in business but this line has been discontinued.


VOY Favorite Son
* I LOVE these glasses but have been unable to find anything on them!
* They look like silver and may not be glasses at all. Imagine them inverted and used as candlesticks.


VOY Warlord


TNG In Theory - Calaman Sherry


DS9 Strange Bedfellows - Bajoran spring wine
* I would love to find these.
* The glass in the middle is by Dartington.
* The glass on the right is by Orrefors, pattern ORR36.
* Neither is the right one but they are the closest I could find.
* Are these Noritake Remembrance flutes?


VOY Alliances - Ktarian merlot
VOY Cold Fire
DS9 Business as Usual
* This looks to me like it has a double-ball stem and could be the Wetherby pattern by Mikasa.
* This glass is the Sasaki Suninke. It's a gorgeous, heavy glass!
* Ours is shown on the right


DS9 Defiant - karvino juice
* Could this be the Strauss highball glass by Bormioli?


DS9 The Circle, Playing Death - Ferengi black hole, replicated
* My first impression was that this was a textured glass but I think the design is a reflection from the grid underneath.
* I also first thought it was a footed glass but I now think that's a reflection, too.
* So, I no longer think it is either of the glasses shown below (middle and right).
* I suspect it was a square votive holder.
* In the middle is the square Amaretto di Saronno glass (which has di Sarrono on the side).
* On the right, a mid-century blue-footed glass


* These look like the Tapio pattern by Iittala but the size doesn't match any of the pieces I can find.
* The listing described them as "just over 3.74" tall" but the Tapio champagne coupe is 4.75" tall and the sherry glass is 3.25".


VOY Vis a Vis - Trakian ale
* This is the High Life pattern by Holmegaard; probably the DOF size which is 8.5" tall


TOS Court Martial -
* Described by the ebay seller I bought these from as "Mid-Centruy Modern Paperweight Base Glasses".
* Ours are 3.5 inch tall, 3.125 inches at the rim, and the flat base is 1 inch wide.


* Described as "a weighted base these items measure at just over 7 inches high with a 2.75 inch diameter lip. "
* There was no mention of a bubble in the base so I do not think these are the Kosta Boda Pippi pattern, shown on the right, but the 9oz tumbler is very close in size and shape.
* We are using the bud vase shown in the second row. Made by Libbey (#2824) and widely available it is 7.5 inches tall, 1.75 wide and holds 5 oz.


TNG Relics - Aldebaran whiskey
* This might be the Duncan & Miller Carribean pattern
* Or the Cristal d'Arques Fuseau pattern
* Or the CB2 Spin glass candle holder shown on the right.






DS9 The Wire - Garak's Kanar glass
* Round fluted glass with subdued corners, 4 x 2.25 with 2.45 base

* Could this be the Mantenegna Cordial Glass by Luigi Bormioli?
* Described as " V-shaped textured foot " they're 4.25 inches tall by 2 3/8 inches wide.


DS9 Rivals - Gamzian wine, red
* This glass has what's called a "controlled bubble" or "bullicante" base.
* The shape of the glass makes me think it was a bud vase.
* We have a set of these champagne flutes with a blue base, 9.8" tall, 1.9" diameter but lip seems to be a bit too big.
* Shown below is the same glass both sideways and right-side-up.


TOS Journey to Babel

* These are called roly poly glasses. I see them on eBay all the time in red, blue and clear but not in these colors.

* If you look at the closeup in the center, they are obviously NOT any of the brands I thought they were!
* This are really hard to find, though, and the purple Lido glasses by Anchor Hocking shown on the right look like a really good substitute .

* Blendo makes a smooth glass in many colors but the color does not extend to the top.
* The Seneca Driftwood pattern came in dark pink and plum but it is a textured glass and these look smooth.
* If the glasses are, in fact, textured, then Anchor Hocking Milano and Libbey Tiara are also textured and come in a variety of colors.
* We have the smooth ones (also made by Anchor Hocking) in red, and the textured ones in light pink and amethyst (not plum).
* On the left below are Blendo (on top) and Seneca Driftwood (on bottom)


TOS Journey to Babel
TOS the Conscience of the King
TOS By Any Other Name

* These green and amber cordial glasses have a flared base and a ball or wafer stem.
* On the right is another screen cap showing them in blue!
* Will whoever sent me that blue screen cap, please remind me who you are so I can give you credit, please?

* I finally stumbled on some of these on eBay, described as "vintage Murano Empoli Moretti style glass cordial goblet". I found them in blue and in green from the same seller, uneasy1 located in San Diego. I bought them in December 2017.
* In the second row are photos of ours, showing their measurements.
* The foot is 2.5 inches wide, the bowl is 2 3/4 inches wide, and they're 4.25 inches tall.
* The foot on the blue one is slightly smaller, due to being hand blown. There are slight variations in all the glasses.


TOS The Corbomite Maneuver

TOS The Enemy Within

TOS The Conscience of the King

TOS Court Martial

TOS The Journey to Babel

* The blue glass on the left has a pyramidal base
* The photo in the center is from a catalog that John sent me which featured these glasses (sold at one time by Roddenberry.com).
* I don't know if that means they were custom made for the show, which I doubt, or if Roddenberry contracted with the manufacturer to have them re-produced.
* John also alerted me to the fact that a member of another forum we belong to had these glasses for sale.
* I contacted him and was told he had the glasses copied in lead-free crystal by "a leading crystal manufacturer".
* As I had been unable to find these elsewere, I bought 2 pair from him in July 2010.
* At that time, he had two additional pair still available. Please contact me if you want his contact information.
* Our glasses are shown on the right. They appear to be a pretty good facsimile and I am pleased that they are lead-free.


TOS Is There in Truth No Beauty - Antarean brandy

* Judel's Opticrystal Panel Optic cordial glass looks just like these but it is faceted and I can't tell whether these are or not.
* They might also be a bud vase. Shown on the left are the

* Ours are bud vases I found on eBay. I've seen them listed as tall cordials as well.
* Based on the size of the decanter in the middle image, which is 9 inches tall, the glasses would be between 7 and 7.5 inches tall.
* Update: I broke one of ours and found a replacement on eBay which still had the "made in Mexico" sticker on it!
* Our glasses are 7.25".
* Jeffery D. stumbled on these while looking for something else, and I thought he had found the origin of these glasses
* They came as a giftset with the 23/32 size Galliano bottle, which was the size used on the show. They are 6 inches tall.
* HOWEVER, he then sent me proof that they are NOT the correct size.
* In the two screen caps in the second row you can see the size of the glass in relation to the Galliano bottle
* Based on the height of the bottle, the glasses are about 7.25 inches to possibly 7.5 at most
* They measure 1 1/8 inches across the top opening.
* In addition, the cavity of the glass (where the liquid goes) should shop 3 1/4 inches from the bottom.
* I will post a photo of the different glasses I own showing the many different sizes I found on eBay.
* In some of them, the cavity goes almost to the bottom, which would be incorrect.
* There is one other detail I need to point out:
* At the bottom of the stem, between the stem and the foot, there should be a small bulb.
* Some of my glasses do not have this, and that is incorrect. You can clearly see the bulb in the screen caps.
* This is another reason the Galliano glasses are incorrect, they are missing the bulb.


TOS Journey to Babel - Babel brandy glass
* No, no, no, no, no! Scrap all that below! I found another screen cap, and both those Iittala lines are wrong.
* These are really nice glasses, but I have not yet identified them.
* They look like the textured glass so common in Iittala, but I don't see a pattern that matches.

* Very hard to see the base on these. If anyone has a better screen cap, please share it with me!
* From what I can see, I suspect these were made by Iittala.
* Marksi and Tavastia are shown below, with Marski in the middle.
* Without a better photo, Tavestia lip is too flared, and Marski stem is too thin.

* I need to keep looking.


DS9 Paradise Lost - Bolian tonic water


VOY Day of Honor - mot'loch in Grail of Khaless
* This looks like a Viking design


VOY Eye of the Needle - spinach juice

* This is probably the Mapan Old Fashioned by Arnolfo di Cambio



ENT Bound - Gorn meridor
* I'm pretty sure this is the "Z-stem" by Libbey, also called the "Vibe" glass.
* Ours were etched by Woodeye Studios in a tribal pattern which looks very Klingon to me.


ENT Fallen Hero - iced tea
* This looks like the Tapio beer glass by Iittala, 6.8" tall, 2.8" wide, 11oz capacity.


TNG - Contagion (and others)
* One of the glasses from which Picard drank his "Earl Grey tea, hot".
* These were made by Bodum. They make more than one style so be careful to get the correct one.
* I know that isn't Picard in the first screen cap, but it's a better shot of the glass.


TNG - Preemptive Strike
* Picard's drinking horn was made by Things Remembered.
* There are several versions of this mug available but the one by Things Remembered is supposedly the only "correct" one.


* These mugs were made by Highwave for people who sail. They are called "HotJo" mugs.
* The green ones in the center with the rounded handle are the "Joe Beene" style.
* Per Penny Juday, the colors used on the show were NOT custom made, but they did occasionally ask them for more of a particular color.

* The blue one in the second row is an elusive shape and color.
* A follower of Eno's Star-Trek.Design Instagram page, @c0113ctor, indentified these as the No Spill Mugs made by Feldman-Langer AKA AmericaWare, shown in the center of the second row.
* We have a black one, shown on the right, but the handle is a little too high.
* Eno's website features quite a few pieces of furniture and decorative items used on-screen. It's worth checking out!

* I believe it was also made by Highwave .


ENT, TNG, DS9, VOY - Klingon bloodwine
* Klingon Bloodwine Mug.
* These are aluminum one quart measuring cups.
* The ones made by Volrath and Linconware have the WRONG LIP
* The correct one, with the riveted handle, is available from MJ Restaurant Supply .
* I have a small hand and prefer the one pint version.
* The mugs sold on eBay by intrep74656 are not screen-used but intrep74656 is Rick Sternbach so the labels he sells for them are from the master's hand, so to speak!


DS9 Babel - Ferengi starduster
* This is a 12oz fluted acrylic parfait dish available from Amazon.
* Because I don't like drinking out of plastic, we use these Queen Mary pink water tumblers, made by Anchor Hocking between 1936 and 1949.


TNG Up the Long Ladder - Klingon chech'tluth

DS9 Profit and Lace - Ferengi eelwasser
* I had heard that these mugs were used originally in The Ten Commandments.
* A cast of one mug from the collection of Doug Drexler (makeup, scenic art, graphic designer, illustrator, VFX artist, art direction and CG supervisor for the brand), auctioned by Propworx in Aug 2010, states that they WERE!
* (Shown here with permission from Alec Peters, owner of Propworx.)
* While this confirms that they were originally used in the Ten Commandments, it does not prove that they were made by the prop dept as the original mugs from which the cast was made propably were found items.
* They will be really hard to find now, almost 70 years later!
* I hope that whoever wins that cast will use it to make resin copies of the mugs.



* This is the Pisa Glass by Leonardo in the 370ml (highball) size which is almost 6 inches tall.
* It also comes in a shorter, 300ml whiskey tumbler size, which is the wrong shape.


VOY Nonsequitur - ???



DS9 In The Pale Moonlight - whiskey?
* Alex L. reminded me that I need to add this glass. It was also used in BladeRunner.
* (I have a Bladerunner screen cap if anyone needs to see it, but I didn't think it would be appropriate to share it here.)
* The glass is made by Arnolfo di Cambio.
* The style name is "Cibi", and the size is the double old fashioned (it comes in other sizes).
* If you search on "Bladerunner glass" there are other places that sell it.
* Alex glass is shown on the right.

* If you don't want to pay $100 or more for ONE GLASS, there are two alternitives shown in the second row.
* The first is the faceted whiskey glass by Cool Material. for $27 (in 2021).
* The second is the Bormioli Cassopaeia Rocks Glass. for $16 in 2021.


VOY Prime Factors - ???
VOY State of Flux
* Alex L. reminded me that I need to add this glass, too. It was also used in BladeRunner.
* (I have a Bladerunner screen cap if anyone needs to see it, but I didn't think it would be appropriate to share it here.)
* This is a hard one to describe because the screen cap is so small.
* The item is called a chrome ball decanter set.
* There are usually several on eBay priced according to their condition.
* Mine is shown on the right.


Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country
* Several people have asked me about this chalice, so I added it.
* I've been looking for it for a long time, unsuccessfully.
* It looks to me like a one-of-a-kind hand made piece, probably a candle holder.
* It might have been custom made for the show.


DS9 - Quark's Bar Glasses
* Shown below are the numerous glasses Nilva, aka Francis, has collected for his in-home Quark's Bar!
* Here's Nilva's blog: New Ferenginar.
* In the first set of two rows are three acrylic ones. I don't know where any of them originated.
* Aren't his photos fantastic?
* Under each one is the associated screen cap.

* In the second group are two different glass glasses, and one goblet in plastic with a metal stem
* (L)The first one is a Bormioli Jerba curved stem dessert glasses
* (M)The second is perhaps Bormioli Ibisco, a clear glass with a square cobalt blue foot
* (R)I saw a similar set on eBay described as having aluminum stems and a plastic bowl.


TNG Conspiracy - Andonian Tea
* I thought these these were Monterrey candle sticks, by Riekes-Crisa, shown on the right.
* But seeing them next to the screen cap they aren't even close!

* However, I am certain they're candlesticks, not glasses.
* If you know who makes these, please share.
* I've been looking for them for a long time.
* The closest I've come are the following:
* Royal Pierpoint by Noritake. 9 inches tall is the closest overall
* Medusa Lumiere by Rosenthal. 11 7/8 inches is probably too tall but it has the closest bowl and bobeche (rim). Unfortunately, it also has the medusa head
* Patrician by Lobmeyer. 8 3/4 inch tall has the deepest bowl but the bobeche is too tall
* Stephanie by Mikasa. is beautiful but the wafer under the bowl isn't working for me
* They are shown below in the order listed above. It's possible that Rosenthal used to make a candlestick without the Medusa head.


TNG Haven - whiskey?
TNG Allegience
* This bud vase was made by Riekes-Crisa. I see them on eBay occasionally.
* It's 8 inches tall and 2 inches wide at the top.
* OR, it's 10 inches tall and 2 3/8 inches wide at the top.
* It was made in two sizes, and it's possible both sizes were used.
* The one in the screen cap on the left looks like the 10 inch, and one in the screen cap in the middle looks like the 8 inch


TNG Manhunt
* These are the Malibu Black Champagne/Tall Sherbet by Sasaki.
* They are NOT the Libbey Z-stem VIBE (G069), which is similar but not as elegant.
* The Libbey glass only has 3 bends, whereas these have 5
* I stumbled on ours on eBay.


DS9 ??? - bar glasses
* I found both of these on eBay
* The smaller one shown in the center is a bud vase, made in Poland by Krosno, which is often sold through Crate and Barrel
* One of mine has a blue bubble in the base, which is NOT correct as it shortens the well!

* The taller one is an Irish coffee mug, 6.5 inches tall.
* It has a blue handle and a blue foot, and the lip curves inward slightly.
* I have seen them with a green handle and foot (but the wrong lip).

* In the second row is another Irish coffee glass they used, but I can't find the associated screen cap!
* If you have one, please send it to me!


TNG Code of Honor - wine glass
TNG When the Bough Breaks - wine glass
* These look like they're hammered metal, either brass or copper.
* The stem is pretty standard, with a small ball near the foot, but the bowl has an unusual shape.
* The copper ones on the right have the right stem and foot, but the bowl is wrong.


DS9 ??? - Cardassian goblet

* The screen cap below is from a Screen Used auction in February 2015.
* The glass was described as a Cardassian Goblet, 6 inches tall. It came with a COA.
* These glasses were made by Saenger Porcelain, the same company that made Picard's tea set.
* They're part of the Saenger Sake Cordial Set.

* They used to make a larger goblet, which is the one we own. It's a more useful size. I got ours on e Bay.


2013 Star Trek Into Darkness - bar glasses

* Another auction screen cap, this time by Propstore, in March 2020.
* These glasses were described as "People can be seen around the bar holding drinks. "
* I didn't bid because I already have these glasses.
* They were made by MOLO Designs.
* The style name is "FLOAT". Towards the bottom of the same page is the FRITTED martini glass.
* Super expensive, we only have two of each style.


DIScovery Multiple episodes - green tea
Battlestar Galactica reboot
Hannibal the TV series

* Tehmom, aka Donna S., sent me both the screen caps and the name of the glass!
* It's the Bodum PAVINA Flat Tumbler in what looks like the 9oz size.


DIScovery Multiple episodes - whiskey

* Tehmom, aka Donna S., sent me both the screen caps and the name of the glass!
* It's the Schott Zwiesel PURE whiskey glass, part of their titanium crystal line.

* Donna says: There are two different sized whiskey glasses that match the appearance. One is the Whiskey/Small Old Fashioned 10.3 oz and the other is the Whiskey Cocktail 13.2 oz. Captain Lorca and Admiral Cornwell use them, but I can't tell which size they use as their dimensions are very close. They're lead free, using titanium instead.


TNG Nemesis - Riker and Troy Wedding Glasses
* Penny Juday told me that the glasses used in the Riker Troy wedding scene were from Pottery Barn.
* The photo on the right is from her (we traded her information for my donations to her cat rescue operation).
* The glasses are very thin and delicate, and she said she'd never seen them anywhere else.
* They're 10 inches tall.


ENT Cogenitor - orange juice glasses

* Here is another screen cap I received from Rain M, along with possible candidates.
* The shape is the one recommended for use with grappa, an Italian brandy.
* Several manufacturers make this shape, Schott Zwiesel, Bormioli Rocco, Nachtmann, etc.

* In the screen cap on the left, if the tumbler next to the glass in the middle is 6 inches tall, which is standard for tumblers, the juice glass is AT LEAST 7 inches tall, probably closer to 8 inches.

* Of the brands I looked at, the ones which match the SHAPE of the on-screen glasses are shown in the middle in the order listed below (any one would be an acceptable substitute):
* Bormioli Rocco Riserva Grappa shown on the right is 6.5 inches tall.
* Stolzle Lausitz grappa glasse shown in the middle is 6.75 inches tall.
* Nachtmann Vivendi Stemmed Spirit Glass shown on the left is 7 inches tall.
* Grappa Wine Bar Special by Schott-Zweisel shown on the left is 7.5 inches tall.

* The Bormioli is the cheapest and the shortest.
* I think the rounded bowl on the Stolzle is the closest match, but the glasses in the screen cap look taller than 7 inches.

* The glass shown on the right,
* Schott-Zweisel 1872 Enoteca Fruit Schnapps / Grappa Glass is 8 inches tall. I believe this is the one used on-screen. The bowl is also nice and round.
* Unfortunately, I have not been able to find them for sale outside of the UK.
* Fortunately, wineware.co.uk will ship worldwide.


TNG The Cost of Living

TNG The Loss
* Here is another find from Eno of Star-Trek.Design.
* He identified it as the Iittala Arkipelago Fluted Champage.
* While I agree that the glass is gorgeous, I want the "decanter" in the screen shot from The Cost of Living
* Which I suspect is really a bud vase. Please LMK if you find one!


TNG - The Neutral Zone

* Eno of Star-Trek.Design identified these as STARDUST by Libbey.
* A beautiful glass for a cocktail, I bought a dozen years ago and I'm thrilled to know they were used on-screen!
* .


TNG - Pen Pals

* Eno of Star-Trek.Design identified these cups, designed by George Sowden for Bodum.

* Be careful when sourcing these because Snowden designed another set that is very similar but the pattern is more linear. The stripey one is the WRONG one!

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