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Much of the food and drink seen on-screen was made using unappetizing or inedible ingredients because it was not meant to be palatable, or even eaten, it was meant to look like whatever the script called for.

Since we consume what we serve, and we want to enjoy it, we spent a lot of time looking for food that would look like what was seen on-screen but actually tasted good!

What is shown on this page are those things we did not serve. Some were not served because they were not appropriate, others because they were not edible. They are presented here because I think I know what the prop department used, or I have a suggestion for what could be used, and that might be helpful to someone planning their own party. I did not work up recipes for these.

The food we did serve is on a separate page.

Many of the pictures below are screen caps from either, Memory-Alpha or Trek Core.


DS9 You Are Cordially Invited – Altair sandwich
* this looks like a large English muffin, like Wolfermans, made into a sandwich


VOY Remember – Enaran algae puffs
* I don't know what the prop dept used but you could use stuffed grape leaves


VOY Parturition – Alfarian hair pasta
* This is probably angel hair, capellini or fedellini pasta


VOY Juggernaut – Talaxian theta radiation remedy
* This looks like split pea soup!


VOY Flashback – Porakan egg with dill and rengazo (herb)
* Brown hen's eggs painted with dark spots?


DS9 Destiny – Cardassian regova egg
* Yellow and green shell easter eggs.
* It is possible to dye the whites of eggs, too.


ENT The Seventh – Denobulan sausage
* This is probably veal bratwurst on a bed of purple kale


DS9 Hard Time – Argrathan chee'lash fruit
* This looks like a guava.


VOY Persistence of Vision – niccel strips
* serve soaked in brine
* with seltin pate, deviled throk and fried murt cake
* these could be seasoned fries…


VOY Twisted – seven layer Jimbalian fudge cake with pureed l'maki nut icing
* The frosting on this cake is probably fondant icing tinted blue.


VOY Ashes to Ashes – Jibelian berry salad
* This looks like blueberries in the center
* The skinny things sticking up are probably parsnip roots
* and the bunch of white bulbous things on the right are enoki mushrooms


DS9 – I'danian spice pudding
* Rich dessert, white with a crθme top
* ??? looks like caramel pudding to me….


DS9 The Homecoming – icoberry torte
* Dark blue or black fruit
* Cheesecake with blueberries or blackberries in it?


TNG A Matter of Honor – Heart of Targ
* Brought courage to a warrior who ate it
* Served on a bed of greens
* While this looks like raw liver it could also be chocolate covered gougθres (cream puffs)!


DS9 Sacrifice of Angels – Bajoran hasperat soufflι
* Angelfood cake?


DS9 Melora – Klingon gladst
* Leafy brown dish looks like wood ear fungus (mushrooms)
* Normally served with sauce but can be ordered without.


DS9 A Matter of Honor – Klingon Rokeg blood pie
* Looks like raw beets in a cranberry-apple sauce
* Could also be turnips dyed red.


Star Trek Generations – Ktarian eggs
* Breakfast dish prepared scrambled with dill
* Goose eggs dyed?
* Yellow with tan speckles


TNG Liasons – Ktarian chocolate puff
VOY Body and Soul
* Made from 17 varieties of chocolate
* Chocolate cake baked in a bowl with chocolate pyramids around bottom edge


VOY Elogium – Oblissian cabbage
* Looks like romaine lettuce to me with a bit of oak leaf thrown in


VOY Learning Curve – Laurelian pudding
* Native to Delta Quadrant
* looks like a white sauce made with cornstarch (if you use eggs to thicken it, it will be yellow)
* this could also be rice pudding, pureed


DS9 The Maquis, Part I – Jumbo Romulan mollusk
* Snail shells on brown rice with scrambled eggs in the middle
* gourmet delicacy from Romulus no longer available on Vulcan
* probably related to the jumbo Vulcan mollusk (served in rhombolian butter)


DS9 Time's Orphan – Golana melon
* This fruit is actually called a spiny melon.


VOY Persistence of Vision – Deviled wood throck
* This looks like aspic made with a bit of milk to give it a milky appearance
* The center looks like raw zucchini
* Served with niccel strips, seltin pate, and fried murt cake


VOY State of Flux – leola root
* Looks like ginger, painted chartreuse, with a fresh rosemary or tarragon branch stuck in the end
* Could also be turmeric root
* Dark yellow root vegetable native to delta quadrant, good source of vitamins and minerals
* Unpleasant taste


VOY Inside Man – Neelix's version of apple pie
* Looks like key lime pie to me
* With a whole wheat crust


– ???
* This looks like a raw octopus turned upside down on a bed of ice
* In the middle is a sea vegetable, probably sea palm, and clusters of small mushrooms
* sea vegetables


DS9 Melora – Zilmkach
* Stewed apricots


DS9 Cardassians – Zabu stew
* This looks like green jello in a cream sauce
* zabu meat in white broth


TNG Manhunt – vermicula
* Small fish-like animals consumed by the Antedeans
* I have no idea what this is…but I don't think it's fish. It looks like vegetables, turnips maybe, sliced into a beef broth.


TNG Liasons – Tarvokian powder cake
* coconut and powdered sugar icing


TNG The Wounded – Plankton loaf, kelp buds and seaweed
* White onion filled with seaweed.

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