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Much of the food and drink seen on-screen was made using unappetizing or inedible ingredients because it was not meant to be palatable, or even eaten, it was meant to look like whatever the script called for.

Since we consume what we serve, and we want to enjoy it, we spent a lot of time looking for food that would look like what was seen on-screen but actually tasted good!

It was also important to us that the food be unusual; in other words, not what most Americans ordinarily eat. Because I have been an avid cook since I was about 12, and we both enjoy trying new and different cuisines, our pantry is full of oddities and this was not too difficult for us but some of the ingredients we used may be hard to find for people who live in remote areas. Many of the dry goods are available online, the fresh ingredients you will need to track down locally.

I will provide recipes where possible but copyright laws prevent me from sharing published material. In those cases I will provide the name of the cookbook I used. If you're pressed for time, I can email you the recipes, I just can't post them here.

I split the food into two parts, the food we served, and the food we did NOT serve.
The food we served is below.

On the left is a screen print, in the middle is our food, on the right is supporting data, if needed.

Shown below are the foods that we have pictures of. We served a lot of things that didn't get photographed. If there are screen caps, they are from either, Memory-Alpha or Trek Core.


Taspar eggs with grapok sauce

* 1000 year old duck eggs with sesame-soy dipping sauce
* These are available in most oriental grocery stores.
* Ours were served on a bed of tofu, sprinkled with sliced scallions.


Porakan throck tongue and varmeliate fiber crisps with beetle dip

* Sugar snap peas (not pictured) and blue potato chips with lentil dip
* The recipe is from Martha Stewart's Hors d'Oeuvres Handbook
* I sprinkle a few black onion seeds on top to resemble ants.


Bajoran shrimp with fettran and yamok sauces

* Cold shrimp w/h lemon habanero mayo and red cocktail sauce
* We use frozen cooked shrimp and defrost it in the fridge the night before.
* The recipe for the fettran sauce is from Bobby Flay's Grilling for Life
* The recipe for red cocktail sauce is from James Peterson's Sauces


Brill creamy green cheese dip with quadrotriticale bread (this should be blue!)

* Boursin garlic and herb cheese and brioche


Tube grub salad

* Baby octopus and new potato salad
* Mix finely chopped parsley, oregano, and scallions with 2# cooked yellow finn potatoes and olive oil to taste. Season.
* Mound in bowl and scatter 2 cans Matiz pulpo on top.
* Squeeze some fresh lemon over all and serve.


Pipius claw salad

* Chicken salad with chicken feet garnish.
* Use your favorite recipe for the salad.
* Cut the middle finger off some chicken feet and simmer in water with a few drops of blue coloring until cooked.
* Drain and freeze until needed.


Palmarian tartok and leola root salad with humat pod dressing

* Arugula salad w caper, garlic and roasted fennel dressing
* The recipe is from Lettuce in Your Kitchen by Chris Schlesinger and John Willoughby.



* Cream cheese/humus, watercress, and roasted red pepper wrap
* We use Lavash brand tortillas which are square and much easier to cut into pieces.
* Lay the tortilla horizontally so that the long sides are the top and bottom.
* Spread each tortilla with a thin layer of either cream cheese or humus all the way to sides and 1 inch from top and bottom
* Sprinkle with salt, pepper, dry mustard, garlic powder, and lots of cayenne.
* Cut roasted pequillo peppers in half and layer over all
* Cut 2 sun dried tomatoes into strips and lay in a row at bottom edge, 1/2 inch from the edge.
* Put the green part of a scallion next to the tomatoes.
* Layer a generous amount of arugula or watercress over all.
* Roll up, starting at bottom, with the tomatoes/scallions in the center.
* Wrap in waxed paper, then wrap in plastic wrap until ready to serve.
* Cut each log into 3 or 4 pieces and mark which ones are cheese and which are humus.


Gagh with fire ants and pyrellian ginger sauce

* Radicchio noodles with pork, ginger and black garlic sauce
* Recipe is for Ants Climbing a Tree from The Modern Art of Chinese Cooking by Barbara Tropp.


Stuffed calbreean lungs with rekja mustard

* Pierogi with purple mustard
* My Number One is Polish and gets these from a woman who lives in her neighborhood. I don't have a recipe.
* Purple grape mustard is available here .


Rattlefish nipples and Risan beans

* black rice and white beans with sage and garlic
* Recipe is from Risotto by Judith Barrett and Norma Wasserman.
* Use black rise instead of white.
* Do not mix beans and rice together until just before you serve them or the beans will turn black and you will lose the contrast.


Wentlian condor snake

* Long beans in Aleppo pepper tomato sauce
* Recipe is from The Slow Mediterranean Kitchen by Paula Wolfert.


Klingon throat stew

* Coddled pork shoulder with garlic and fennel.
* Recipe is from The Slow Mediterranean Kitchen by Paula Wolfert.


Bajoran ratamba stew

* Veal meatballs in a mushroom and asparagus cream sauce
* Use your favorite recipe for veal meatballs and cook them.
* Saute sliced mushrooms in butter, add some veal demiglace, whipping cream and cayenne to taste.
* Puree cooked green asparagus and strain into sauce.
* Mix all together and reheat, covered, in low oven.


Vulcan redbat sausage casserole

* Sausage and potato casserole
* Recipe is from The Best Casserole Cookbook Ever by Beatrice Ojakangas.


Hanonian eel egg dip

* Emu egg dip with beet and sweet potato chips
* Recipe is here


Sisko's pipius claw gumbo

* Chicken gumbo from our favorite Cajun restaurant


Bolian Balls

* Oreo Balls with blue icing
* You must use an oil based food color or the couverture will seize
* If you temper the chocolate it will be much easier to use.


Osol Twist

* Lemon tart from Trader Joe's
* This is a very tart, and delicious, tart.


Yigrish Cream Pie

* Cheesecake
* Brought to the party by Princess Amidala, I do not have the recipe.


Delavian Chocolates

* Vosges exotic truffles


Jumja sticks

* Knipschildt hot chocolate sticks


Kobayashi Maru Cake

* Chocolate mousse cake from Whole Foods (that fell on its side)


Marian rada plum pudding with pera-cream sauce and delvan fluff

* Sticky toffee pudding with caramel sauce and whipped cream
* Recipe is from Rose's Heavenly Cakes by Rose Beranbaum.

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