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This webpage was created to help people who collect Star Trek found item table and bar ware.

While there are photos and descriptions of the physical items on the Star Trek Auction Archive and there are screen caps in several places no one, to my knowledge, has documented the ORIGIN of those items or researched their current availability. There are bits and pieces on several websites and forums (listed on my links page) but nowhere is the information consolidated in one place.

I am trying to do that here, and find that it helps me manage my own collection as well.

This page is a work in progress and reflects the current state of my knowledge, which will always be incomplete. It is also purely MY OPINION, not fact, and should be treated as such. I have no connection to CBS Studios, Paramount Pictures, or the Star Trek franchise, I have not consulted anyone who worked in the prop department or handled any screen-used props other than the few glasses I own. My opinions are based solely on screen caps and my knowledge of tableware (which I have collected since I was 12). I welcome all corrections, additions, and discussions!

If you own any screen-used items which have identifying marks that we can use to track down found items, please share them!

Many of the images below are from the auctions run by It's A Wrap! Production Wardrobe Sales aka IAW.

CBS/Paramount Television used IAW to liquidate their vast collection of Star Trek props. The auctions started in December of 2006 and ended in April 2009. Most people thought these auctions were awesome because they made screen-used props available to everyone. For me these IAW auctions were phenomenal in that they provided descriptions, dimensions, and photos from different angles all of which can be used to track down (or recreate) the found item.

Fortunately, the auction data has been archived at Jason Stevens StarTrekPropCollector.com. Many thanks to all those responsible for creating and maintaining this invaluable resource; and, many thanks to the people at IAW for doing such a thorough job with the listings.

Most of the screen caps on this page are from Memory-Alpha or Trek Core or DITL.org . The rest were provided by the members of Star Trek Invisionzone and John Harrington of Cedar Street Studio .

NOTE: This website does not cover every piece of found-item table and bar ware used on the show, only those that I have some information on (or, wish I had information on). If I have not included an item that is dear to you, let me know and I'll see if I can find it. Rest assured that I will give you any information I uncover before I add it to this site, so that you may find your grail first.

(and on all the detail pages):
In the left-hand column will be a screen cap if I have one.
In the middle column will be an IAW picture or another screen cap.
In the right-hand column will be our version of the bottle in question.
Where possible, I suggest appropriately colored alcohol fillings.
(Measurements were taken with a tape measure from the table to the bottle lip.)

If you would like to send me a comment or correction, please reference the three-digit number at the top of each entry so that I know exactly which item you are commenting on, and press here to send me an email (remove the spaces from the email address).

A NOTE ON THE FILLING SUGGESTIONS: The suggestions I offer are for straight alcohol, not cocktails. The reason for this is twofold: 1) straight alcohol can be left in the bottle indefinitely without refrigeration and 2) we use the alcohol in the bottle to mix multiple cocktails, we do not serve the mixed drink from the bottle. Our bottles are displayed year-round and used to mix every drink we serve, even our non-Star Trek concoctions.

If you are looking for cocktail recipes to fill your bottles, you will need to look elsewhere.

ALL series are represented here: TOS, TNG, DS9, VOY, ENT, and the movies.

To find all entries for a particular series,
use your browser's "find on this page" function
to search for the 3-digit series identifier.

How I Clean Old Bottles


DS9 Prophet Motive – Aldebaran whiskey

TNG Relics – Aldebaran whiskey
filling suggestion: Carnivo, Midori, Shaka Kiwi. Carnivo is cognac based, the others are sweeter, similar to Triple Sec.

* As you can see, there were two bottles used to hold this beverage.
* I believe the short squat one is the Cuervo Gold 1800 tequila bottle with a red tassel around its neck.
* I think the tall thin one might be this olive oil bottle 11.25" tall and 2" round.
* I bought ours from a customizer, Terry Jewell .
* The stopper they usually use with this bottle is a plastic salt shaker shaped like a star.
* I see them all the time on eBay. Make sure that the one you buy has all its points.

* Labels for this bottle are available from John Harrington of Cedar Street Studio .
* It looks to me like the colors do not match the screen used bottle so John and I will be working to correct that.
* My bottle, which is 15.75" tall, appears to be larger than the screen used one.


DS9 Move Along Home – Alphacurrant nectar
filling suggestion: Campari, Saffron gin, Stirring's Blood Orange Martini mix

* I have not been able to find any information on this bottle.
* I have not found anything even close to it for our use.
* I suspect it was made by the prop department and is not a found item.

* The screen cap in the middle was given to me by John Harrington of Cedar Street Studio ,
* In that shot the bottle appears to be wood with a pewter colored metal frame and spout.
* Even with this much better picture, I still have no idea where it originated.


ENT Babel One – Andorian ale
filling suggestion: Hpnotiq, Alize, Magellan gin

* The only bottle I have seen to date that even resembled the screen-used one was frosted and arrived filled with red wine vinegar. There was no brand or manufacturer listed but there was a UPC code, 36113 02008, if anyone knows how to track something down that way.
* The on-screen bottle was 14.25 tall by 3.25 (and the glasses shown with it were 4.25 x 1.5).
* Our bottle is 13" tall.
* Yes, I know the labels are wrong. I have not had time to put the gold tape on our.

* Labels for this bottle are available from John Harrington of Cedar Street Studio
* Tape in all colors and sizes is available from Grafstick Tape and Label


ENT Proving Ground – Andorian whiskey

ENT In a Mirror Darkly II – set dressing
* This bottle was originally a Vinuva Pinot Grigio wine bottle.
* Described by IAW as 14" by 3" with a "glittery silver" decal.
* The wine is no longer being sold but the bottles appear occasionally (rarely) on eBay.
* I bought ours from www.startrekgoodies.com but they are no longer offering them for sale.
* We have this in two sizes, 12.75 inches and 15.5 inches, so the IAW measurement must have included the cork.
* (There is a silver version of this bottle as well, not used on screen.)

* For help with bottle labels, please see the graphics page.
* There is a customizer on eBay offering a cast version of this bottles which might be an alternative for some.


TOS Is There in Truth No Beauty – Antarean brandy

VOY The Void – Pinot Noir
filling suggestion: some blue Curacao is this dark; Parfait Amour might work

* This looks like a bud vase OR an absinth decanter to me.
* I thought it was also used for pinot noir, in the middle picture, but seeing them next to ach other the pinot noir decanter looks bigger.
* It looks like it has a pouring lip and it does NOT have a ground neck so it probably did not have a glass stopper.
* It's too small for our use so we don't have one.



VOY Shattered – Antarian cider (note the different spelling of Antarian here vs Antarean above)
filling suggestion: apple brandy, calvados, cider, olive oil

* In the first image this bottle looks taller than normal.
* But in the second, it looks like the Vulcan port bottle.
* Acording to this video , by Penny Juday, the art department coordinator and archivist for Star Trek, this bottle originally contained olive oil.
* I suspect the on-screen one still contains olive oil.
* There is no label visible in the screen shots I have.

* For help with bottle labels, please see the graphics page.
* The bottle we are using is triangular and 16" inches tall.
* I found it on eBay.


ENT VOY – Captain's decanter
* This decanter was made in Poland by Studio Nova.
* It is amazingly heavy, which makes it unwieldy as a decanter, but it is a gorgeous thing to behold.
* I found ours on eBay.
* It is 10" tall without the stopper, 12.75" with, and 7" wide at the base and weighs 5 pounds! With the stopper it's 12.75" tall.



DS9 – Bajoran perfume bottle
* I found our bottle on eBay by accident. When I did a search on "pink bottle" and forgot to exclude all perfume, snuff, polish etc… this bottle came up in the search. I subsequently looked for a yellow one to no avail. So, ours is pink, and has a different design on the front.
* Our bottle is 3.75" tall, 3" at it's widest, and 1" deep at the bottom
* On the bottom is a cow's/bull's head but other than that, there are no identifying marks.
* I am still looking for the rounded attachments on the front and sides. I suspect they are wood, painted silver.



DS9 Strange Bedfellows – Bajoran spring wine
filling suggestion: Hpnotiq, Alize, Magellan gin,

* I have not been able to find the origin of this bottle but I suspect it is a tequila bottle.
* I bought ours from a customizer, Terry Jewell .
* On our bottles, the squiggly lines are painted and the gold stripes are tape.
* Our small bottle, which I believe is the correct size, is 13.75" tall. Our big one is 16.5" tall.

* I believe the paint most customizers use is automotive paint.
* I would use Pebeo Vitrea 160 a food-safe glass paint which is available in tubes or markers.
* Tape in all colors and sizes is available from Grafstick Tape and Label


IAW lot
* These bottles were made by Tynant (pronounced tee-nent) , out of Wales (in the UK).
* They are still available here.
* If you are unable to find a distributor in your area, contact me as I have lots of empties.
* The 750ml bottle is 11" tall.

* John and I are working on labels for this bottle.
* I was not able to find metallic copper label stock so John suggested asking a sign maker to cut them for me.


ENT Rajiin II – V'radian (B'rat Ud's) chemistry bottles
* These were described as 13.5 by 5.75.
* The shape, size and top is very much like a 1000ml flat bottom volumetric flask.
* The tops they make these days are different – plastic, not ground glass – so you may need to look on eBay for a used one.
* Every brand is a slightly different shape. The ones I found which most closely matched the measurements were Pyrex and Macalaster.

* For help with bottle labels, please see the graphics page.
* It looks to me like they are filled with lentils! .


DS9 Profit and Lace – Ferengi eelwasser
filling suggestion: Campari, Luxardo, cherry Heering, sloe gin, Stirring's blood orange martini mix

* This bottle was made in Spain and is available in many colors.
* It has a relief of leaves around the shoulders and about 2.25" of ribbing around the bottom.
* Our bottle is 10.75" tall.
* Because the red in the photo goes all the way to the lip of the neck I believe it is the red bottle and not a clear bottle filled with red liquid.
* The label is apparently the Vulcan IDIC symbol
* Our bottle is red but we are using a label created by John Harrington of Cedar Street Studio for our Eelwasser bottles and modified by me to fit this bottle.

* Labels for this bottle are available from John Harrington of Cedar Street Studio .
* An interesting side note: a bottle like this was sold on eBay by a seller located in Hawaii as "purchased at the prop warehouse for the t.v. show LOST".


TOS By Any Other Name – something green

TOS Journey to Babel – opaque milky liquid

TOS Let That be Your Last Battlefield – red liquid
filling suggestion: Cynar, Irish Cream liqueur, Campari

* This is the Elsinore Kluk Kluk decanter made by Holmegaard. The one Scotty is holding looks like the smoke color in the medium size with a bent neck. It may also be the clear version with remnants of Green on the bottom.
* It was also made in clear, amber, green, teal, and blue.
* Some of them were bent, like Scotty's, but the majority of them were straight.
* Because it was hand made the sizes are not exact.
* The largest seem to be between 12 and 14, including the stopper, the medium between 8 and 10, and the small between 6 and 8 inches tall.
* Our bent bottle is 8.5" tall.
* Two stoppers were available, a round one similar to Archer's decanter, and one that looks like a crown.
* The decanter used on-screen appears to have the crown stopper.
* There are always several on eBay described as "Kluk Kluk" or "Cluck Cluck" or "Glug Glug" for the noise it makes as it pours.

* Correction from Nic on the Star Trek New Voyages forum :
* The proper, generic, name for this form of decanter is 'kuttrolf', and it has been around for centuries - 'Kluk Kluk' is just the marketing name Holmegaard used for them. They are a traditional shape and many factories across Europe, Scandinavia and Bohemia were producing them before, during and after Holmegaard's production of them. Holmegaard were making them from at least the 1850s, long before Per Lόtken worked for the factory (1942 - 1998). The versions with the crown-shaped stoppers, both straight and bent, were designed at Holmegaard by Jacob Eiler Bang in 1936 as part of his extensive 'Viol' tableware range, and they were in production in a variety of colours for about 50 years. The example on set appears to be in the 'Smoke' colourway (grey with a subtle green tint), which was first introduced in the late 1940s. This 'Viol' kuttrolf was made in this colour until at least the 1980s.

* Two of ours are shown below, one with the correct crown stopper and the other with the incorrect ball stopper.
* You can see that although they are almost the same size, their shape is slightly different.


TNG The Wounded (tansparent light purple)
DS9 The Maquis Part II (thick dark brown)
DS9 The Wire (opaque blue)
DS9 Destiny
DS9 The Way of the Warrior (opaque orange)
DS9 Ties of Blood and Water
DS9 Behind the Lines
DS9 Till Death do us Part
DS9 The Changing Face of Evil
DS9 Image in the Sand

filling suggestions: Kaluha, Blavod or Vampyre black vodka, Patron XO Cafι

* The spiral bottle used on the show was supposedly sold by D'Aquino Italian Importing Co for their Chianti.
* They still sell the 3-foot tall version but not the shorter one (yes, I contacted them).
* The one used on the show was 13" tall and 14" wide which would be the 750ml version.
* HOWEVER: the bottle used on-screen had a kidney-bean shaped area for a label and the basket on the Chianti bottle would have covered it so I doubt the D'Aquino bottle had the label area and, therefore, I doubt it was a D'Aquino bottle used on the show.

* This bottle shape is also used by firms which sell flavored vinegars and is available occasionally in gourmet stores and BigLots (and, I'm told, around Christmastime at Target).
* The prop dept used many vinegar bottles and I believe this was a vinegar bottle, too.
* The last one I bought was sold by Swiss American Co.
* I contacted them and they said that they imported the bottle from Vitrocolor in Spain and had it filled locally.
* I have been unable to contact Vitrocolor .

* I have seen this shape on eBay in red, yellow, blue and green as well as the clear version used on-screen.
* The bottle used on-screen had a cork stopper. Some of the vinegar-filled ones have a screw cap.
* Terry Jewell , the customizer I've bought many bottles from, pointed out that there are two shapes to the flat part in front where the label goes. On some bottles this area is very rounded and attaching a paper label is difficult.

* Labels for this bottle are available from John Harrington of Cedar Street Studio .
* John's vinyl labels will fit your bottle even if it is the rounded type as the vinyl gives a little, unlike paper label stock.
* We found that the label area on these bottles varies in size so make sure you send him the measurements for yours.


Mirror Universe Kanar - FANON ONLY!
This bottle has never been seen on-screen.

It was originally created by a fan as his interpretation of what the mirror universe bottle might look like.
Over time, it became ubiquitous, and other fans assumed it was "real".
Yes, I have one, but I cannot honestly call it a found item.
If you have a screen cap please send it to me and I will update this section.

I am leaving the description up because a lot of people cherish this bottle but I must add the disclaimer:

* The "spiral" on this bottle is a snake, not ridges like the one above.
* It, too, is 13" tall.
* Although I have several of these, they all arrived empty with no identifying marks or labels.
* I suspect they are used for vinegars and other food stuff, not alcohol .
* I bought ours from a customizer, Terry Jewell .
* It is painted a matte green with a slight metallic texture.
* The image on the right compares the label area for two of our bottles, a rounded one and a flatish one.

* I believe the paint most customizers use is automotive paint.
* I would use Pebeo Vitrea 160 a food-safe glass paint which is available in tubes or markers.
* Labels for this bottle are available from John Harrington of Cedar Street Studio .
* John's vinyl labels will fit your bottle even if it is the rounded type as the vinyl gives a little, unlike paper label stock.
* As you can see in the image above, the bottle on the left has the rounded label area and John's label curves with it.
* It appears that the label area on these bottles varies in size so make sure you send him the measurements for yours.


DS9 The Wire – alternate version of Kanar, blue liquid in a different bottle
* The bottle pictured below was used for both Wee Bairns whiskey AND Kanar.
* These bottles were made in Spain and are available in many colors.
* They are sometimes available at PierOne and Michael's for people who bottle home made vinegar.
* We are using a blue one.
* Ours is ??" tall.

* For help with bottle labels, please see the graphics page.


VOY Scientific Method – Ktarian merlot
* I am sure I have seen this bottle somewhere (tequila? whiskey?) and will update this description when I remember!
* Our bottle came from eBay. It is a slightly different shape, dark blue, and very heavy.
* According to Memory-Alpha, the on-screen label is a reuse of the logo of the Akritirian species.
* Our label is a variation of the Zorn logo.

* For help with bottle labels, please see the graphics page.


DS9 Vortex – Cardassian languor

DS9 The House of Quark – Klingon bloodwine
filling suggestions for langour: Pinky vodka, pink grapefruit juice, pink grapefruit soda, pink lemonade
Filling suggestions for bloodwine: malbec

* I see this bottle all the time on eBay described with ‘grapes' in the title.
* In June 2010 John alerted me to the fact that it was available online at Hobby Lobby .
* I bought one and, except for the slight green tinge, it is closer to the screen-used one than the ones I found on eBay.
* If you look closely, it has a slightly shorter neck and, since the body is taller, it is also a bit wider.
* The glasses in the screen cap are supposedly 8" tall and ours are only 6.25
* The 'wrong' mold has a narrower bottom and a wider top.
* Our bottle is 10" tall and 4" at it's widest.
* I see it in many different colors. Make sure you get the clear one, not the lt. green one.

* Pink lemonade seems to be closest in color and consistency to what was seen on-screen.
* If you use pink grapefruit juice, make sure you store your bottle in the refrigerator.
* Shown below are two bottles, one with pink grapefruit juice and one with Pinky vodka
* The glasses are the Bormioli Strauss pattern from Crate and Barrel
* The black tray is a round foodservice tray which needs to be replaced with a rectangular one.

* The bottle shown below is the WRONG SHAPE!

* The bottles shown in the middle below are Hobby Lobby on the left and eBay (vintage) on the right.
* On the right are the same two bottles with our 6.25" glass between them.


TOS Let That be Your Last Battlefield –
filling suggestion: blue Curacao

* This is a Galliano bottle, available in most liquor stores.
* Galliano is a yellow anise-herb flavored liqueur developed in Italy but now made in Switzerland.
* It is available in two sizes, too small (375ml) and too tall (750ml)!
* The 375mls size was used on the show. The larger bottle is about 20" tall!
* Empty bottles occasionally show up on eBay.



TOS Let That be Your Last Battlefield –
* I finally know where this bottle originated!
* The bottle was handmade in Florence, Italy for Calvert Distillers Co in 1953. It stands 9" tall.
* Lord Calvert Whisky was owned by Seagram's at that time and was subsequently sold to Jim Beam.
* I have been trying to contact Jim Beam to ask whether it was sold this way for more than one year.
* I suspect it is extremely rare single-year issue.
* I won ours on eBay for more than I care to admit.
* If I am correct, the stopper used on screen is not original.
* The stopper that came with the decanter is round.


TOS Let That be Your Last Battlefield –
* I now know where this bottle originated!
* The decanter was made in Bremen, Ohio by Erickson Glass Works between 1943 and 1961.
* Designed by Carl Erickson, it is called a Genie decanter.
* The clear version will be hard to find as it was not in demand when Erickson was in production.
* The version with the colored bottom is called a flame decanter. Green and smoke were the most popular flame colors.
* Ours, the one on the right in the top row, has a very small flame.
* These decanters were handmade so each one is slightly different, including the position of the rings on the neck.
* It has four applied rings (2 sets of 2) around its neck and ours stands 10.75 inches tall to the top of the neck.
* If I am correct, the stopper is not original.
* The stopper used on screen looks like it has 6 facets while the one above appears to have only 4.
* Many Mikasa decanters come with a 6-sided pyramidal stopper which may be the one they used.
* Ours, the one shown at bottom center, is an 8-sided one I found on eBay.



ENT In a Mirror Darkly II – Hoshi Sato pours Archer a drink
filling suggestions: Carnivo XO, Midori, Shaka Kiwi

* IAW described the bottle as 11.75" by 4" without the stopper. It has 8 ridges.
* I found ours on eBay, empty and with no identifying information.
* I have seen many bottles in this shape but they are either the wrong height or have the wrong number of ridges.

* I just found another one of these, filled with pepper vinegar, but although this one is full, it has no identifying information!
* It is very similar to other bottles I have found at Hobby Lobby.


ENT Two Days and Two Nights – Risan wine
* I FINALLLY found one of these after 2 years of looking!
* It is 11.25" tall, 5.33" at its widest, and 3.5" deep.
* It is filled with "Delicious Citrus Vinegar" and is distributed by Gourmet Art of Vermont.
* The address on the bottle is 149 Lorry Road, Williston VT 05495
* The UPC code is 6_36113_02104_7 .
* I found an online listing for them at GiftBasketSuppliers.com but have not had a response to my inquiry.
* The site lists their contact numbers as 802-660-3067 or 888-333-5059 but when I call them, they have been disconnected.
* The stopper is from the "chili vinegar" by the same company.

* Labels for these bottle are available from John Harrington of Cedar Street Studio .
* Until I found the real one, I was using a bottle that is similar in shape and originally contained red beans and rice.
* I recently found this same bottle at Hobby Lobby, filled with peppers and olives, reduced from $14 to $7.
* In June 2010 John alerted me to the fact that it was available online at Hobby Lobby .
* This one is 13.25" tall, 5.5" wide and 3.5" deep.
* What's nice about this similar bottle is that it was easy to resize the labels to fit!
* The image below shows the on-screen bottle next to the Hobby Lobby bottle.
* Next to that is a photo of the bottom of both bottles.


TOS - The Enemy Within
TOS - Journey to Babel
TOS - By Any Other Name
STVI- The Undiscovered Country
TNG - In Theory
TNG - Bloodlines
DS9 – Facets
DS9 - Emissary
DS9 - Behind the Lines

The ubiquitous Saurian brandy
filling suggestions: brandy

* There are several versions of this bottle used on-screen, three of which are pictured below. (The one in the center is a resin replica)
* The bottle was sold by Dickel Whiskey to commemorate their 50-year anniversary in 1964.
* BE AWARE that they released a similar bottle in 1980 with whip stitching on the leather. THIS IS THE WRONG BOTTLE!
* It is available in 2 colors – light and dark amber – the light one was used with the red holster, the dark one with the gold lettering. (We have both, I will post a comparison shot when I can.)

* We have two sizes, one that is 5.5" wide and 15.25" tall with the stopper (14" without) and one that is 4.5" wide and 13" tall with the stopper (12 without). Based on the image below with the kanar bottle it looks like the black bottle was the 15" size as it is taller than the 13" kanar.
* This bottle is also available as a mini so make sure you don't get the mini!
* There are always several available on eBay but many are in bad condition (mine arrived with a scorpion inside!) and some are missing the cork.

* The bottle has a leather "holster" embossed with "Dickel Whiskey" both around the bottom edge and on the handle. I was unsure how the prop department covered this and made the holster red (tape? paint?) and I didn't have time to experiment so, for the party, I covered the writing on ours with red labels.
* Since then, I found a customized one on eBay which is just beautiful (shown at top row on the right):
* The writing on the bottle was covered with masking tape and then it, the holster, and the stopper were painted red and the metal hinges were polished.

* NOTE: The leather on these bottles and the thread holding it together is over 60 years old so you will need to be careful when you wash your treasure or it will disintegrate. The bottle I was careless with now has water stains on the holster and the thread holding it together is nearly gone.

* On one of the forums I belong to I learned that the red leather covered harness is covered with red tape, as is the raised lettering on the side of the bottle.
* If you zero in on the image it looks like the tape was applied vertically, not horizontally, which means they must have removed the harness.
* I find this hard to believe because the harness is glued on! Perhaps they cut the bottom off and then used the tape to re-attach it? I will test that….


DS9 The Magnificent Ferengi – syrup of squill
filling suggestions: Aperol, strawberry syrup

* Bottle was made by Morey Distilleries and came with a bail stopper. The holes for the metal are barely visible in the photo..
* I found ours on eBay.
* Our bottle is 12" tall. It also comes in a mini size so make sure you don't get the mini!
* Morey Distilleries website (thank you, John, for that link) shows the bottle used for their banana liqueur.
* It is impossible to tell from this screen shot what the label looks like!
* The label we are using is the one most customizers use.

* Labels for this bottle are available from John Harrington of Cedar Street Studio .


ENT Rajiin – Triskelion whiskey
filling suggestions: whiskey

* Another bottle made in Spain and available in many colors.
* Because of the design on two sides it is sometimes described as a cathedral bottle.
* Like the other Spanish bottles it is sometimes found at PierOne and Michael's for people who bottle their own vinegar.
* In June 2010 John alerted me to the fact that it was available online at Hobby Lobby .
* I bought one and it is very clear glass but the design is very faint, almost as though it was painted on rather than molded in.
* There are also fewer ridges on the neck – they are only at the edges, not in the middle (see pix below).
* We are using the yellow version of the bottle and a coordinating label that I created using the on-screen one as a pattern.
* Our bottle is 12" tall.

* Labels for this bottle are available from John Harrington of Cedar Street Studio .

* The images below show the difference between the Hobby Lobby bottle and the ones I found on eBay.
* In the image on the left, the HL bottle is on the left and the eBay bottle on the right, in the middle and righthand images, they are swapped.
* As you can see, the design on the HL bottle is very faint, and the multiple angles prove that it is not a lighting issue.


DS9 The Maquis – Vulcan port
filling suggestion: Chartreuse green, cynar

* Acording to this video , by Penny Juday, the art department coordinator and archivist for Star Trek, this bottle originally contained olive oil.
* Frequently available on eBay in clear, light and dark green, or blue. Also available in a variety of sizes.
* We are using the light green version and our bottle has a ‘mirror image' version of the label.
* The stopper was made from a plastic salt shaker with a brass filigree bead cap on the top.
* We have two bottles, one is 10" tall the other is 9.25" tall.
* Based on the photo in The Art of Star Trek where the bottle is shown next to the Ferengi Snail Juice bottle, I believe the on-screen one is 10 inches.

* Labels for this bottle are available from John Harrington of Cedar Street Studio
* Tape in all colors and sizes is available from Grafstick Tape and Label
* The red holographic tape used over the label is called Holographic Accent Tape. I bought ours on eBay. It can be used for the sticker on the lower left side as well.
* The green tape on the lower right side is ???.


Yridian ale (DS9 Who Mourns for Morn) AND Altair water (ST III Search for Spock)
* This bottle with the exact same label was used for both beverages!
* At one time, I thought this might be a Cinzano Bianco bottle.
* It's readily available, not outrageously expensive (which would enable the prop dept. to buy a case of them) and there is no writing on the bottle.
* But my favorite customizer, Terry, says that it's a swing top and I'm sure he's right.
* The ones pictured on the right, made by Bormioli Rocco, are 1000ML (34oz) square swing top wire bail bottles, widely available.
* IAW sold theirs as "Yridian Ale" but Penny Juday called it "Altair Water"

* Labels for this bottle are available from John Harrington of Cedar Street Studio


VOY – Neelix's white pitcher
* Designed by Erik Magnussen for Stelton.
* Pitcher is 9" tall and 4" wide unlined plastic with a removable black lid.
* No longer produced but available on eBay occasionally.
* The new 1L version of this pitcher is 12" tall, 4.25" wide and has a thermal glass liner. It's available in several colors, including white. (The .5L version is 8.25" tall.)
* We have the new thermal pitcher in many colors and use it to hold our juice mixers.



Step neck bottle
* This bottle was used for at least 3 different drinks – from left to right:

Romulan Ale (DS9 Inter Arma Enem Silent Leges),

Ennan VI Ale (TNG Time Squared), and

Altarian Brandy (TNG Manhunt).

* I was able to find a plastic bottle with a similar neck at World Market, sold by 1Liter Water.
* John and I are currently trying to find a way to apply this plastic bottle to the outside of a glass one to approximate the appearance of the screen-used one.



ENT Sickbay bottle lot
* Original bottle was made by Evian between 2000 and 2004 as a holiday collector set. Every year the color of the cap and the design would change. I have seen it with a gold top and several different colors of blue.
* I think the gold one was used for these as there appears to be gold showing through on the bottle on the left where the paint has worn away from the top a little bit.
* Em and I are currently trying to figure out how they removed the stencil from the glass and then etched the outside. One can buy etching cream but neither of us has ever used it.
* The bottle is 10.5" tall INCLUDING THE CAP and 5.5" wide.



Miscellaneous bottles from Quark's exhibit in Philadelphia early 2010

* Bottle on left is a 4-chamber bottle made in France. It originally held different colored liqueurs. They were hand made so sizes will vary. Ours is 11" tall.
* Bottle in middle is frequently available on eBay filled with vinegar and/or vegetables. Ours is 10" tall (it looks like the neck on ours is too narrow...). It is also available in a small 6" size which you do NOT want!
* Bottle on right was made in Spain. I have seen it in red and yellow as well as the green shown above. Ours is 11.25" tall.
* Photos of my bottles are below.

* For help with bottle labels, please see the graphics page.


IAW lot

* If you number them from left to right, 1 thru 7, they are as follows:
1) made in Spain, occasionally available on eBay
2) Vulcan Port bottle in green with a different label
3) made in Spain, occasionally available on eBay in a variety of colors but I suspect this one is painted. Ours is 12.75" tall.
4) Vulcan Port bottle in blue with a different label
5) same bottle as number 7 but this one has been painted and sports the Triskellion whiskey label, upside down!
6) unknown, probably made in Spain
7) frosted white bottle made in Spain. The used one I found on eBay had some creamy pink residue inside so I suspect it was once used for body lotion or some other beauty product. Our bottle is 13" tall.
I don't have screen caps of any of these. Our bottles are shown below.

* For help with bottle labels, please see the graphics page.


VOY Seven of Nine's IAW lot
* I was lucky enough to win this lot!
* The 8-quart stew-pot on the left was made by Anolon. We used it to serve the Plasma Leek Casserole in 2009.
* The two pitchers/jugs are part of the 1994 Storybird series by Kati Tuominen-Niittyla for Arabia of Finland.
* Available in black and white, there were four shapes made, Oliver, Omar, Ollie and Omar.
* Oliver is the tallest and Omar is the smallest. 7 of 9 had Oliver and Omar.
* I have since managed to find the other two pieces in the series on eBay.



The many varieties of Romulan ale
STX Nemesis
STX Shinzon Screen Test
* There are at least 4 different bottles used to serve Romulan Ale!
* In the top row, the decanter on the left used in ST Nemesis is called a ring-neck captain's or ship's decanter. This one is 8" by 9" with a ball stopper and three applied rings.
* In the second row is a bottle that I THINK is the clear version of the eelwasser bottle. Ours is 10.75" tall.
* In the third, is a bottle with a stepped neck which we believe was made by the prop department.
* In the bottom row the triangular jar from STX Shinzon Screen Test, is blue tinted glass 10.5 X 4 X 4 X 4 inches sold by IAW
* I found the triangular jar on eBay but have yet to make the leather sleeve for it.

* For help with bottle labels, please see the graphics page.


IAW lot
* This triangular jar is similar to the Romulan ale decanter above.
* It was described as light green color and 12" tall by 3" wide.
* I have found both these bottles on eBay.



DS9 IAW Kira's glassware lot
* Another group of bottles sold via It's A Wrap on eBay.

* If you number the bottles from left to right, 1 thru 7, they are as follows:
1) Snake neck decanter made by Blenko.
2) Another decanter made during the Blenko era
3) 15" bottle also sold in a pink color by Christies. There are 12 ridges. I see this occasionally on eBay.
4) Another snake neck decanter made by Blenko
5) Triangular bottle (but a different shape than the Vulcan port bottle) with a star stopper
6) ???
7) Another triangular bottle (but a different shape than the Vulcan port bottle) with a star stopper
I have managed to find the three bottles on the left, but not (yet) the 4 on the right.



IAW lot
* This looks like a custom made art piece 13" by 7".



IAW lot
* Have not seen any of these on eBay, yet.
* Sizes were described as, from left to right: 8.75 X 4 ; 11.25 X 5.5 ; and 10 x 4.75 X 4.75

* Labels for these bottles are available from John Harrington of Cedar Street Studio
* The bottle in the middle has the Risan wine label on it, the one on the left the Triskellion whiskey label


DS9 Quark's decanter

TNG Haven
* In the center of the top shelf of this shot from Quark's bar there is an oddly shaped bottle.
* The clear one was also used in the scene in the center from TNG Haven.
* These decanters are made in Spain to serve wine and are available in clear and amber. They are available in all sizes (literally, every one is different) from the ½ cup miniature size to a full liter size. They are frequently covered with embossed leather depicting Spanish tourist scenes – bullfighter, flamenco dancers, etc…
* They are called Porron decanters and are available on eBay. I have also seen them at World Market occasionally.
* We have 4 different sizes as they are very easy to pour from.
* (There are also several of Quark's red carafe pictured in this photo, as well as a dark (blue? green?) one in the top left corner.



Christie's bottle lot
* The two glasses on the left are plastic.
* The bottle next to them is the Triskellion Whiskey bottle in blue.
* Next to that, unknown bottle with syrup of squill lable on it.
* 15" tall bottle also seen in both blue (below) and green (above).
* Vulcan port bottle with Alvanian brandy label
* unknown bottle but I suspect is was a tequila bottle.
* We have the blue Triskellion Whiskey bottle.



DS9 Quark's bottles
* In this shot from Quark's bar, in the front row you can see from left to right:.
* Bajoran Spring wine bottle (the light colored bottle in the front).
* Gamzian wine bottle.
* Gurgle bottle which probably came from Morey Distilleries in Spain; however, mine says "Majorca" on the bottom.
* 15" tall bottle also seen in both pink and green.
* The two bottles in the center pic are from Riann's quarters in ENT Civilization

* The color of the tall ringed bottle makes me think it was painted by the prop department.
* In June 2010 John alerted me to the fact that it was available online at Hobby Lobby .


DS9 Quark's carafe
* In this shot from Quark's bar, in the top row, third from left, is a blue version of Quark's carafe, commonly seen in red.
* In the second row from the top, underneath the carafe you can see the languor bottle holding a green liquid.
* And next to that, the blue version of the Triskellion Whiskey.
* All of these are proof that the prop department used many different colors of the same bottles AND filled them with different liquids.
* The image in the middle is of another fan's carafe in the coveted red color.
* I found a green one on eBay and there was a second green one on Etsy. I have never seen a red one or a blue one.
* Ours is 10.5" tall and 7.25" wide at the base.



DS9 Q-Less – Gamzian wine, green
* I have not been able to find this bottle anywhere and know nothing about it!
* Because of the way it's being held, it almost looks like one of those bottles that has been melted and made into a plate.



DS9 – Ferengi snail juice
filling suggestion: Amaretto

* I think this is an olive oil bottle but the only one I could find was Viansa which is too small, so it must be a tequila bottle.
* Arette tequila comes in a similar bottle but it is outrageously expensive!
* The imprint just under the neck is a circle with a coat of arms inside it which might have something to do with the name of the product.
* I bought our small one from a customizer, Terry Jewell , and the large one on eBay.
* The small one is 11" tall and the large one is 15.5.
* Based on the photo in The Art of Star Trek I believe the on-screen size was 15" but I was unable to find a screen shot of either size.

* Labels for this bottle are available from John Harrington of Cedar Street Studio John cleaned up the Ferengi stamp portion of this label.

* The photo below is of a PURPLE bottle I won on eBay.
* Bottles this color are normally due to the presence of magnesium in the glass which has reacted to sunlight.
* Magnesium (supplied by Germany) was used to clarify glass (turn it from light green to clear) pre-WW1. When the war started, supply was interrupted and newly discovered selenium was used instead.
* What this means to me is that this bottle's mold has been around a LONG TIME!


DS9 The Assignment, In the Cards – Wee Bairns whiskey
* There were two bottles used for this beverage, and two different labels.
* In the top row, the bottle is made in Spain and available on eBay in several colors.
* This bottle was also used for the blue version of Kanar.

* The bottle in the second row I stumbled over on on eBay. I think I was doing a search on "square bottle" but I have tried that again and again and nothing comes up!
* It was described as recycled glass but I don't know how the seller knew that.
* What gives it such a unique shape is that there is an oval-shaped indentation on three sides.
* There is a mold seam around the base and along two of the sides. You can see the seam clearly in my photo and faintly in the screen cap.
* There are no other marks anywhere.
* The photos in the third row are my attempt to show the indentations.
* The bottle is 9.25 inches tall by 4 inches square.

* The images in the middle of both rows are from The Art of Star Trek

* Labels for this bottle are available from John Harrington of Cedar Street Studio


ENT The Communicator – Allakas malt
* I have not researched this decanter/carafe yet
* In June 2010 John alerted me to the fact that it was available at Hobby Lobby but NOT online.



VOY Alliances – Kazon
* These were made by MacKenzie-Childs but the pattern was discontinued long ago.
* They told me the pattern name was "CIRCUS OCTAGONAL GLASSWARE" and that it was part of their regular line, not custom.
* There appear to be many designs within that pattern and I have not yet found out specifically which one this is.
* When it was available, the pitcher sold for $80 and the tall glasses for $42 each.
* It shows up on eBay occasionally described as "stripes and marble".



ENT North Star – Skagaran whiskey
* Described by IAW as a glass bottle, made in Italy, and painted metallic silver.
* Dimensions are approx. 12.75 X 3.5 inches diameter.
* I have not yet seen a bottle like this anywhere…..



DS9 The Way of the Warrior – Klingon Bloodwine
* These bottles were made by the prop dept from Jose Quervo margarita mix bottles.
* Cutouts made from corrugated cardboard were glued to the glass and the bottle was painted metallic silver.
* The one sold by IAW was 13.25" tall by 4" wide by 3" deep.
* There are instructions on how to make your own here.
* These glass bottles are no longer available, having been replaced with plastic, but may still be available on eBay.
* I bought ours from a customizer, Terry Jewell .

* John found some STRAWBERRY margarita mix in a glass bottle so I checked our local store and the strawberry flavor were still in glass there, too, so perhaps only the regular flavor is now sold in plastic.


TOS Journey to Babel – decanter
* All I can say about this decanter is that it looks like clear glass and the stopper appears to have a blue tip.
* I have not found anything yet that even resembles it.
* UPDATE: It amazes me how a photo can distort the way something really looks!
* The first line above describes how this decanter looked to me when I first saw the picture.
* I am now pretty sure I've found it!
* The one I found is Bohemian carnival glass with a very light gold finish and painted blue stripes.
* It is 11.75 inches tall including the stopper.
* So … the only thing I was right about is that the stopper has a blue tip!



TOS Journey to Babel – decanter
* The neck and stopper on this decanter look like they're amber.
* It appears to be filled with an orange liquid which makes the decanter look orange.
* The shape is distinctive, with a tapered neck and no rings.
* It may even be another Bohemian carnival decanter like the one above.
* Or, it could be the Mikasa Grosvenor decanter except that did not come in amber.
* I'm sure I could find it if I had a better picture….



TOS A Taste of Armageddon – Trova decanter
TOS Journey to Babel – decanter
* I originally thought this decanter was Scandinavian.
* Then, I thought it was Blenko, based on the decanter on the right, sold on eBay as "Blenko".
* There was nothing like this in the Blenko catalogs up through 1960 and I could not justify buying the 1962-1974 catalogs to check my theory so I contacted the West Virginia Glass Museum and they told me this:
* It was made by Bischoff in 1963, the only year that the company was owned by Lancaster Colony, AND the year that Wayne Husted (formerly of Blenko) joined Lancaster to head their production and design department. So, this piece was probably designed by Wayne Husted, but produced by Bischoff not Blenko.
* However, I have seen a short version of the amberina version for sale on eBay with a Rainbow sticker on it so I suspect that is a copy and may be slightly different.



DS9 Who Mourns for Morn – ???
* Squarish bottle with a label that looks familiar but which I cannot place!
* I'm pretty sure now that this is a gin bottle, either Gordon's or Bengal.
* If it is the Rawleigh bottle I found on eBay, shown on the right, then at one time it held poison (shown in the center) which is why I sanitize the bottles I buy before I use them!



VOY In the Flesh -- single malt

VOY Day of Honor -- water
* Square crystal decanter with tapered sides which, based on the size of the glass, appears to be 8 inches tall.
* The glasses are clearly the beveled edge tumblers with an "x" on the bottom (G001) described by IAW as 4 inches tall.
* I believe the decanter is this vintage Italian crystal one I found on eBay.



TOS The Cormobite Maneuver -- ???
* Glass decanter with gold-tone ribbed collar and glass stopper.
* This originally held Kentucky Tavern whiskey by Glenmore Distilleries.

* The one on the right I found on eBay.
* The bottom reads, "D-8 119 55 9 FEDERAL LAW PROHIBITS SALE OR REUSE" so we know it was made between 1932 and 1964 and that it originally held alcohol as that phrase was required on liquor bottles when prohibition was lifted.
* The numbers on the bottom each mean something:
* The D-8 is the distiller code (Glenmore).
* The 119 is the bottle maker’s license number.
* And 55 is the date, so a search on 1955 decanter turned up the origin.


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John Harrington of Cedar Street Studio is a professional graphic artist.
He created the logo, labels, menus and posters for the party
and the background, buttons, and other graphics for the website.
His talent, support and advice have been invaluable.
Thank you John!

John did not design any of the on-screen labels.
He merely cleaned up low-res versions we found on other sites.
We do not know who created the low-res versions.

The customized bottles I purchased were made by Terry Jewell (eBay ID kylstone).
Terry does exceptional work:
* All his bottles are canon
* All his stoppers are canon
* All his labels are waterproof and protected with a UV sealant
He has offered to let me post his contact information here .

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