This page contains LINKS to my favorite Star Trek resources
(Updated February 8, 2021. Unfortunately, many of the old links are now dead.
If you have a site that warrants inclusion on this page, please contact me.)


Cedar Street Studio
John Harrington of Cedar Street Studio
created the Quark's Qantina logo and many of our labels.
He also provided the background for the home page, some of the screen caps,
and a huge amount of advice on everything from color selection to useful websites.
I learned a lot from him.
Thanks, John! I could not have done this without your help.

Oh! Soroko Design
Sonya Soroko of Oh! Soroko Design
created our menu and our ingredient labels.
She is extremely creative and fun to work with.
She is also very organized, meticulous, and neat.
And, if that weren't enough, she is a tireless worker.
Thanks, Sonya! I could not have done this without your help.


House Klag until March 31, 2021
House Klag after March 31, 2021
(I am an honorary member of this house.)

IKV HoS tam
(Klingon fan club located in northern suburb of Chicago, IL.)

IKV Spirit of Honor
(Klingon fan club located in western suburb of Chicago, IL.)

Klingon Quartermaster
(Klingon costuming group on Facebook.)

Klingon Assault Group
(International not-for-profit Klingon fan club)

Starfleet Uniforms

Starfleet International


Alec Peter's Invisionzone
(The most helpful Star Trek enthusiasts you will ever find!)

Replica Prop Forum


(Star Trek Encyclopedia)

Trek Core
(I use them for screen caps)

Jason Steven's Star Trek Prop Collector
(My most valuable prop resource!)

(Another ST encyclopedia)

(Everything LCARS (Library Computer Access Retrieval System)

Jörg Hillebrand
(Authority on screen-used - he has screen caps of every item ever seen on-screen)


Vam'Pyr Drink Database


Nilva's Ferengi Costume Blogspot


Star Trek Convention

DucKon (last one held in 2014)

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Press here to see pictures from 2010
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